Part 9 Debt Agreements – Know The Facts!


You may see or hear numerous adverts offering relief from mounting debts, but be aware this help is an “act of bankruptcy” and you will be charged for the service.  We thought it’s time to explain the ins & outs of Part 9 Debt Agreements! It is important to note that a debt agreement (also known […]

Is bad credit a total barrier to a home loan?

bad credit

Your finances can get a bit out of control sometimes, for all sorts of reasons. Illness, divorce, redundancy – sometimes, just getting overwhelmed with things to do and accidentally missing a bill payment. The end result can be that you get put in the bad credit basket. Even if you sort it out and pay […]

5 top tips for sorting out a home loan application with credit issues


Bad credit rating making it hard to get a home loan? Lots of things can affect someone’s credit history, getting sick, redundancy, divorce, forgetting to redirect bills if you move, or just an accidental slip on timing can mean late or even missed payments. If you have credit issues from these sorts of situations there […]

Discharged from bankruptcy and wanting a home loan? You have options


Discharged from bankruptcy and wanting a home loan?  There is hope. Recovering from bankruptcy can be a long and difficult process. And even when you’ve been discharged or completed a debt agreement, some lenders will automatically decline your application for a home loan because of the history. However, there is good news. Some lenders look […]

What is a non-conforming loan?


Non-conforming loans: What they are and how to get one. All the major banks have a standard set of rules they use to decide if a loan application is acceptable, or not. A ‘non-conforming’ home loan is simply a term used for home loans designed for people that don’t fit those rules. Loans like these […]

Why Loans Get Rejected

loan rejected

Often clients will engage a mortgage broker for help when their loan has been declined by a bank. There is still a perception out there, that brokers help people after they have had no luck with their bank….this is absolutely not the case, in fact it is quite the opposite! Brokers will review their client’s […]

Best Way to Consolidate Debt


Whether you’re frustrated with your credit card debts and find yourself making minimum payments only for a similar amount of interest to be added back on, or your debts are in control but you’d like to make managing your outgoing payments easier, debt consolidation may be an option that you wish to consider. Let’s take […]

Personal Lending


3 Benefits of a Personal Loan When there’s something you need or want, you have plenty of options when it comes to finding the money to pay for it. We can choose to: Save up the money Use our existing savings Use a credit card Take out a personal loan There are several reasons why […]

So, you’re thinking of buying an investment property…

investment property

Maybe you’ve built up a bit of equity in your home, and you’re wondering how to make best use of it. Perhaps you are renting, love where you live, but want to get into the property market too. Or maybe you’ve heard from a friend or relative who invests in property, and are wondering about […]

Understanding Home Loans – Guarantors


Continuing on the theme of understanding home loans. I thought I should discuss guarantors and what they are all about. There is lots of incorrect information floating around about guarantor loans. I think it is time to get the right facts and on the table. Let’s start with the question everyone asks – “will I lose my […]